Farewell to the returning mariner

Once again, my apologies for the lateness of this notice.

We arranged at our meeting on 14th October to have a meeting on Wednesday 25th November, and it was to have been with a speaker from Oxford Mindfulness.

I rang and emailed them, but received no reply -- until this morning, when I received an email apologising and regretting that they couldn't send anyone for that meeting. I've suggested that someone might contact them later to see whether there is anything else we could do together.

However, I'd already been thinking, and suggest that we stick to the date, but make it just a farewell for me, as I sail back to Loughborough where the boat was first launched on the Sea of Faith!

So -- a party at the Friends Meeting House 43A St Giles, 
2.00 pm next Wednesday (25th November). 
Please come and bring anyone you would like to.
It would be helpful if you let me know, but come anyway.