The Future of this local group

Sea of Faith in Oxford
Trinity Term 2015

We met on Wednesday 20th May, 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm in the Library of the Friends Meeting House.
David Paterson announced that he will be leaving Oxford to return to Loughborough on 30th June, and there was a far-reaching discussion about what form the local group might take from then on. Sea of Faith in Oxford’s large mailing list will be asked their views. We felt that it was an opportunity to re-evaluate the role played by the local group, and we hope to get a wider range of opinions.
Please will you think about:
whether you are still interested in the continuation of this local group;
what its aims and objectives might be.

We could then try to make a decision about whether to continue, though probably in a new way, or disband, perhaps by amalgamating with the North Oxford group or the Progressive Christianity Network in Abingdon……

or something completely different. Or just die and wait for a new resurrection.

Would you please email me with your views as soon as possible……………
07557 522 914
………and in any case, come to
COSMOS Wednesday 3rd June
The second meeting for this term is a performance of a poem for four voices by Michael Pickering. Michael and his wife Outi, Katy Jennison and David Paterson are the readers., who have very much enjoyed rehearsing it. Michael will answer questions, and welcomes discussion after the performance.

It is a remarkable juxtaposition of the mythologies of various traditional cultures with the scientific story of the history of the Cosmos, and it is powerfully emotive.

We think it may appeal to quite a wide audience, in the areas of poetry, science, anthropology and religious studies, and have therefore booked
Friends Meeting House, 43 St Giles
2-00 pm to 3-30 pm
The reading will be followed by a discussion and refreshments
Please invite anyone you think might be interested. All are welcome

Further details from David Paterson, by email or at 07557 522 914