The result of a doodle poll for a consultation about the future of the Sea of Faith Oxford local group, was that the most popular date and time was
2 pm on Wednesday 9th September. 
We decided to meet at the Friends Meeting House 43 St Giles

You are warmly invited to this consultation, of course, whether or not you contributed to the doodle poll.

What I hope we shall do is ask ourselves the questions:
Do we want the local group to continue?
What do we see as its purpose?
Should we be trying to attract any particular group or groups (eg students, local churches, faith groups, anything else you might think of)?
How would we like it to meet -- where? how often? with a programme? for discussions? to study a book? invite speakers?
Or something completely different?
Any ideas about day conferences or anything like that?
Co-operation with other local groups?
Invitations to speakers from the Network?
And perhaps many other questions I haven't thought of.

Whether you can come or not, please send us your views, or suggestions of questions we should be asking.

But please come if you can. If it's convenient to do so, let me know whether you are coming, but come anyway.

My own feeling is that attitudes are changing at the moment in many different ways -- social, religious and political -- and that Sea of Faith ideas are very relevant to some of these issues.
This means that there is a lot to think about; and a lot of changes are possible. We have a better chance of being heard now than we have for a long time